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Walker Sands’ Q4 2013 Mobile Traffic Report: Mobile Traffic Has Tripled Since Q4 2011; iOS Continues to Lose Market Share

Erin Jordan

The Walker Sands Mobile Traffic Report takes a quarterly in-depth look at the amount of total Web traffic coming from mobile devices. The Q4 2013 findings were released this week, revealing that the amount of total website traffic coming from mobile devices has increased threefold since Q4 2011, when mobile devices accounted for only 12.5 percent of all web traffic.

Some key takeaways for businesses and retailers from the report include:

iOS continues to lose market share

The gap in market share is beginning to widen. While the amount of mobile traffic coming from iOS devices has increased, its market share has been increasingly declining with the introduction of Android and other competitive devices into the market.

Notably, for the first time this quarter Android phones accounted for a higher percentage of market share than all iOS devices combined. However, while on the decline, iPad continues to lead mobile market share in tablets, accounting for about 14 percent, compared to the Android tablet, which is on the rise with a total of 4 percent of mobile traffic market share.

More than half of mobile traffic now comes from organic search

Nearly one-third of consumers are coming to websites through mobile, and the majority of them are doing so through organic search.

The report also revealed that businesses not investing in mobile SEO strategies will be missing a major piece of the revenue pie, with organic search now accounting for 51 percent of total mobile website traffic.

What does this mean for businesses?

Here’s Walker Sands’ digital marketing manager, Daniel Laloggia to discuss:

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