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Walker Sands Hosts Webinar for State of Marketing Technology 2016

Courtney Beasley

Following the launch of The Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 study, we hosted a corresponding webinar for a live discussion of the study’s findings. Presented by the Martech practice co-leads and study authors, Dave Parro and Sarah Dietze, the webinar offered an overview of the findings diving into data points based on timeline, title and technology. The duo also shared a suggested buyer journey map, walking through the process of discovery, research, decision and purchase.


As viewer questions rolled in, Dave and Sarah broke the study down, explaining the detailed findings as they went. Graphs and charts were used to support and visualize the study findings. The webinar concluded with a look at the Digital Ecosystem, Walker Sands’ approach to bridging the gap between traditional and digital public relations, a strategy that aligns with and utilizes various forms of marketing technology.

Martech webinar slide 1

The webinar touched on many points, but the Q&A session allowed for continued dialogue between the viewers and presenters. Some inquired about the evolution of sales reps in correlation to the changes in technology and the buying cycle as well as how to maximize your budget with so many effective, but costly options.

A recorded version of the 40 minute webinar can be downloaded here. Additionally, you can read the complete State of Marketing Technology 2016 white paper here.