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Walker Sands Hosts Panel to Discuss Digital Ecosystem at Catapult

Courtney Beasley

Since teaming up with Catapult, a tech incubator in Chicago, we’ve hosted events and happy hours at their River North location to help inform and unite those immersed in the tech startup community. In this time, we’ve connected with some of Chicago’s brightest innovators, and through our frequent gatherings, passed on the tactics we value for success in the industry.


In July, we hosted a panel discussion on the Digital Ecosystem, our approach to the evolving digital marketing landscape. Our president, Mike Santoro, was joined by the cross-functional power team of John Fairley, Allison Dreiband and Andrew Cross. The team worked together to explain and answer questions on our approach to the union of PR and digital marketing.

From the panel came three main discussions: 1) creating the right strategy to craft content that converts 2) where to keep that content and 3) how to get the most from available channels.

Crafting the Right Content:

It’s a known fact that each piece of content should be tailored to the audience you are trying to reach. Because of this, it’s best to take a backwards approach and begin with your targets’ needs. One option our panelists discussed was to start with a survey to address the audiences’ unique pain points and use the data to develop a whitepaper or e-book. If you can reach your target audience through identifying their needs, conversion and engagement rates increase.

Content Keeping:

Debating on where to house your content?  The panelists suggested that while blogs are great, when you’re sharing material that could sway business decisions like whitepapers, webinars and e-books, keeping your content in a permanent digital home, like your company website, will optimize impact and results in the long run.

Available Channels:


Once you’ve given your conversion worthy content a home, it’s crucial to build a pathway for people to get to it.  The panelists focused on remarketing ads, email campaigns, media pitching and SEO as a few ways to promote content utilizing earned, owned and paid channels. However, just like you should tailor your content to your audience, you should also pick your channels accordingly. Conversions increase when your content is seen by the right people in the right places. This is achieved by making your best content the center of your digital universe.

After the panel, it was clear that an actionable strategy around conversion worthy content through multiple channels is a need for most companies. The discussion was full of other great takeaways, and we can’t wait for the next chance to share our insights. Thank you to the Catapult team for another great afternoon igniting insightful conversation.