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Walker Sands Hosts Media Booth at CNP Expo

Courtney Beasley

A few weeks ago, our FinTech team attended the CNP Expo in Orlando. The expo was full of vendors and businesses looking to learn from each other and gather more information on the up and coming technology transformations in the FinTech industry.

We were hosts of the media booth, which gave conference attendees a place to conduct interviews, rest their feet and learn about Walker Sands’ digital marketing services. We took the opportunity to sit down with expo-goers to chat about the most important insights they discovered while attending panels and talking to vendors. Tokenization and security at the POS ignited the greatest conversation. Watch our video to discover the other hot topics at the expo:

Another hot topic at CNP Expo was the issue of EMV prompting fraudsters to target digital channels more aggressively. Walker Sands recently surveyed nearly 600 consumers to better understand their feelings and behaviors regarding the shift to EMV, and captured the results in a study, The Switch to EMV. Download the study and stop by our FinTech hub to learn more about our work within the industry.