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Walker Sands Gets Results – in 150 Seconds

Courtney Beasley

We’re going to take a moment to practice what we preach. Attention spans are shrinking, shareable content is king and visuals trump text.

If you’ve been curious about our work with Harper Collins, Acquity Group or Cisco, here’s a bit of our success by the numbers:

  • 90 media placements for Harper Collins’ Wonders of the Universe app resulting in 81,000 downloads and $500,000 in sales
  • An average of 500 top-tier media placements a year for Acquity Group, resulting in revenue growth of over $100m while working with Walker Sands
  • 200+ partners on board for Cisco’s Partner Services program, resulting in over 300 leads and more than 100 media placements in half a year.

Each of those points focuses on real-world business results, which is why we consider them among our greatest successes to date. Given those stats, check out what we do in 150 seconds and contact us if you’re interested in taking your PR and sales results from 0 to 60.