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Walker Sands Gets a Hands-On Lesson in 3D Carving

Lauren Eiden

Walker Sands has officially joined the maker movement!

In order to support our client, Inventables, as well as learn about the growing trend of “making” in the tech industry, we’ve added a new toy to the office: Carvey.

Carvey is a tabletop 3D carving machine from Inventables that uses subtractive manufacturing to carve designs out of various materials such as wood, plastic and even metal. Inventables also offers a free, easy-to-use design software called Easel that allows makers to create a design from scratch, import existing designs or choose from Inventables' library of projects.

In just three easy steps – create your design, choose a material and click “carve” – Carvey can “bring out the maker in all of us”. And it has!

This summer, Walker Sands’ Inventables Account Executive, Payal Shukla, has been busy teaching eager Walker Sands employees how to design and 3D carve using Carvey. These tutorials exemplify Walker Sands’ values of learn, support, do – especially when it comes to client work.


(Payal gives the staff an introduction about Inventables, Carvey and the maker movement before starting the tutorial.)

See how our team is joining the Nation of Makers, and learn how easy it is for you to become a maker, too!

Step 1: Use Inventables’ free software technology, Easel, to design your work. This Walker Sands tutorial group chose to carve a yummy slice of pizza!


Step 2: Choose your material and secure it using the clamps provided by the Carvey starter kit. For the tutorial we used the Two-Color HDPE- Red on White sheet, which made for a saucy-looking pizza. Browse Inventables’ extensive material list here.


Step 3: Click “carve” to watch your creation come to life. Look at all the amazed faces!


Precision is a key element of Inventables’ 3D carving machines. Inventables has a full range of different carving bits to match any design and material needs.


The finished product: a perfectly-carved, delicious-looking slice of pizza and three new members of the Nation of Makers.


Having a deep understanding of our clients’ products and services is one practice Walker Sands employs to help achieve PR success. The in-office Carvey lessons are a great example of how we prove commitment to our clients and show dedication to generate constant results.

Have you joined the maker movement? Share some of your own creations in the comments below, or order a Carvey to start today!