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Walker Sands’ Future of Retail Study Makes a Media Splash

Allison Lautz

For the past two years, Walker Sands has conducted a Future of Retail study, which surveys more than 1,000 U.S. consumers. This year, Walker Sands examined the changing trends and consumer behaviors in retail.

The insights gained from this study are valuable for marketers, ecommerce brands and consumers. Because of this, sharing the analysis broadly factored into the study’s success. We're proud that our study is capturing the attention of the retail space and media alike.

Future of Retail 2015 cover page

Here’s a quick snapshot of the coverage:

Venture Beat – Two-thirds of consumer say they’d like to shop using Oculus

Quartz – If paying by phone becomes the norm, we will have Apple to thank

Forbes – Two-Thirds Of U.S. Consumers Expect Dron Delivery Within The Next Five Years

MediaPost – Consumer Have Less Than $20 In Cash In Pocket, Want Drone Deliveries

Forbes – Drone News Roundup (Civilian And Military)

DMNews – Consumer Trust Foretells Retailers’ Future

MainSt. – Consumers Don’t Trust Mobile Payments: Cash Remains Most Secure Payment Method

Chain Store Age – Study: Shoppers receptive to virtual reality

eMarketer – Are Security Concerns Holding Back Mobile Payments?

ComputerWorld – 4 things to watch out for with the Apple Watch – New study reveals changes in the e-commerce landscape

Coin Report – US consumers consider Bitcoin more secure than mobile wallets, survey finds

CMSWire – Your Customers Are Cheap and Cashless, But Love Online Shopping – Americans Just Say ‘Yes’ To E-commerce Drone Delivery

VentureBeat – 66% of Americans expect drones to deliver their books and clothes within 5 years

Information Week – Drone Study Shows Consumers Are Ready