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Walker Sands Earns Two Web Awards for Bekins Agent Program

Mike Santoro

A little over a year ago, Bekins Van Lines was looking for a way to easily roll out co-branded websites to its hundreds of agent moving companies. Most agents didn’t have a site and those that did, didn’t have one that generated leads, attracted search traffic, or even looked professional enough to inspire trust.

This month, the program we built has been recognized with both an “Outstanding Achievement” Interactive Media Award and a Gold Hermes Creative Award. The key to success was defining a process that allowed us to quickly roll out a Bekins branded website, while still providing the flexibility for agents to customize the site with their own images, content, and other unique elements.

When you’re the head of a local moving company, time is at a premium. Therefore the process had to be as easy as possible for these guys.

Agents start the process by logging into a private web development area where they can download several sheets that walk them through the web selection process. These sheets include potential layouts, recommended calls to action, and potential images from which to select. We encourage agents to print out these documents so they can share with their teams and make selections on paper first.

Many times these decisions are being made by non-technical husband and wife teams. Other times there’s a more sophisticated understanding in the room. In each case we wanted the tools to make building a good website as easy as possible.

After the team makes initial selections they log back into the online system to make their selections. As they make these selections, images are displayed to provide feedback that they are making the right selections.

Once the selections are made, one of our interactive marketing specialists calls to follow up. This conversation provides the opportunity to review these initial selections, but more importantly gives time to talk about the additional items needed to make their site unique. Sometimes agents require additional images to reflect the local environment; others want specific content about local charity work that is important to that location.

We believed it was important to make the process flexible enough to sites that showed off the agent’s unique offerings without overwhelming them with options. These series of conversations coupled with the upfront automation gave us the ability to deliver just that.

So far, Walker Sands has helped 20 Bekins agents go live with their websites. These sites have been successful in increasing conversion rates, building local awareness, and setting brand standards for the Bekins Corporation. On average, Bekins agents saw an approximately 200 percent increase in conversions on their new website.

We are honored to receive the accolades for our work and look forward to rolling out many more sites through this program. For further questions on this program please contact our web development team at