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Visual Creativity in Social Media

Nick Gorski

Here at Walker Sands, we’re currently working on rebranding our online presence, (keep an eye on—it’s going to be awesome) and as part of this I spent part of yesterday looking at ways to update our company Twitter profile. Tossing in a new logo and color scheme was the logical starting point for me, but as I began researching what other folks/organizations out there had done with their social media profiles, I saw some really amazing stuff! Twitter and Facebook sites seem limiting in terms of what you can do to make yours visually distinctive, but that’s precisely what makes it so cool when people do find creative solutions.

Here are some very cool examples of well-designed Facebook and Twitter profiles that will charm viewers of the page and, in the case of a business, display a level of attention to detail that could even lead to some interest from new customers. I’m not sure if any of these ideas are a fit for the way Walker Sands is trying to come across on social media, but they all brought a smile to my face nonetheless.

As a designer, the moral of the story that I’m taking away from this is that projects that initially seem most restrictive might be the ones that require the most creative solutions. Seems to me that this could apply to most of us across the entire spectrum of marketing and public relations!

Have you seen any other great examples of visually creative social media profiles?