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[VIDEO] The State of Marketing Technology 2016: A Brief Overview

Courtney Beasley

Today’s fast paced digital world sets the bar high for marketers. At any given moment, the landscape and technology can change. Now more than ever, marketers have to make thoughtful decisions when it comes to the right technology for their company.

The Walker Sands MarTech practice conducts an annual survey to 300+ marketers; inquiring on their behavior and the steps they take when making technology purchase decisions. The findings are analyzed and published annually in a white paper. This year’s study is titled Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2016 Understanding the New Martech Buyer Journey. In the video our MarTech thought leaders discuss how to sell B2B Marketing Technology and provide insight into the buyer journey of marketers of all levels.

Watch the video to learn more about our findings in the 2016 State of Marketing Technology study.