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[VIDEO]: An Inside Look at Walker Sands

Courtney Beasley

We’re pleased to showcase our latest collaboration with Chicago Creative Space. Our first video with CCS focused on showcasing our new Chicago Loop office, but now that we’re settled in, we thought we would team up again to show off the incredible people that fill the space and the core values we live by. In the last three years we’ve grown at 177%, brought in 22 new full time employees and built a new office space, and then expanded on it. However, while we are growing quickly, we still take the time to ensure all new team members embody our core values: Learn, Support, Do.  After all, what’s a creative space if it isn’t filled with thoughtful, innovative people?

Walker Sands Integrated PR for B2B & Technology Companies from Walker Sands on Vimeo.

Learn, support, do isn’t just for encouraging employees to excel in our friendly and inspiring culture.  We also use our core values to do all that we can for our clients. In fact, it’s telling our clients’ stories that gets each and every one of us excited to work every day.

We’ve learned that through integrating and unifying public relations and digital marketing we can maximize clients’ performance and growth, resulting in increased credibility and awareness. By doing all that we can to support our clients, we’ve been recognized by DM news, PRSA and Inc. 5000 as a top PR agency.  We like to think that Learn, Support and Do have something to do with this and credit our recognition to the employees who incorporate Walker Sands’ values into their work and beyond.

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