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Using Your Social Networks for a Good Cause

Kim Lucio

Last week, Chicago socialite Sami Ari held an event in Chicago.  Known to most of Chicago as “Mr. Tweetup,” Sami brought Chicago together for a great and timely cause – raising money for Japan Tsunami and Earthquake relief.

To Sami, this was a no-brainer. Not only does he have close ties to Japan, he also has a knack for bringing groups together for good causes and events. The event alone raised a total of $12,100 for Japan relief.

So how did he do it?


Sami has a huge connection to the Chicago community - that starts with his active presence on Twitter. By connecting with a group of like-minded, good people, you can reach out to thousands in a matter of minutes. Having positive connections on Twitter will get you places, and sharing news about a good cause will help you to get your message out to thousands more.


Sami created the hashtag "#ChiHelpsJapan" as a means of keeping people in the loop about updates of the event on Twitter. This way, people could just follow the hashtag to see the latest updates and news about the event. This was also a way for him to see who was talking about the event. Also, he spread the message about the event out throughout the day. As we all know, people are not on Twitter 24/7. Dispersing the message during the work day as well as after work hours is vital to reaching your maximum audience for event outreach.


Sami individually thanked anyone that helped to re-tweet his messages of the event, or promoted on their own. Thanking people for their help is a big part of getting the message out there. It shows people you care just as much about them helping you as you do about the event.

Sami is a great example of using your social networks to do good for others. If you aren't following him on Twitter yet, I highly recommend it!

Read the full article about his event here.