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Using Google Analytics To Bring Website Leads Back From the Dead

Ken Gaebler

Reverse IP Lookup With Google Analytics to Recover Lost Leads
Bring web sales leads back to life with the "reverse IP" function in Google Analytics.

Sadly, what I'm about to talk about happens more often than we marketers would like to admit.

A company that is in the market for our offerings does a search engine query, our SEO work pays off, and the prospect company visits our website.

But, lo and behold, much to our dismay, they never fill out a lead generation form and don't bother to call.

It's a warm lead for what we sell, but we've completely missed the opportunity to sell them something.

Or have we?

If we're lucky, Google Analytics (assuming you run it on your site) can resuscitate that lead back to life.

The best way to show you how it's done is by example.

Yesterday, I looked at one of our Walker Sands custom reports for Google Analytics and saw this:

Google Analytics Reverse IP Example

Although this company, Westbrook Partners, never bothered to call the Chicago web design team at Walker Sands or fill out our lead form, they are a lead for us, and a potentially good one at that.

Among other things, we specialize in web development and have a nice track record working with private equity firms. They'd do well to hire us!

But they didn't call. Still, I can hand the lead over to our sales team and they can cold call the company. In a perfect world, the call might end up going something like this.

"Hi, we're a web development company that specializes in building great websites for private equity firms. Have you thought about redesigning your website?"

"Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we have. You couldn’t have called at a better time. The management team here has been talking about giving the site an upgrade. We know it's not nearly as strong as it should be. I'd love to hear more about your capabilities."

Are you mining your Google Analytics reports for opportunities like these?

If not, you may be missing out on some great business development opportunities.

By the way, it's easy to set this custom report up in Google Analytics. If you need help with it, let me know.

On a related note, if turning your website into a lean, mean, lead-generating machine has been on your to-do list for far too long, you should really give us a call. You can reach our sales team by calling (312) 546-4142.