Using Digital Content Conversion to Generate Leads

Looking to generate more leads through your content? You’re not alone. Every day, more and more companies use digital content conversion to improve business performance.

Maximizing Opportunities for Content Conversion

A survey from the Data Conversion Laboratory showed that companies said their content makes up 50 percent of their company’s value. If content is that essential to your brand, shouldn’t it be readily available to consumers in more ways than one?

Digital content allows customers to access and consume your brand’s content across several platforms, inviting them to learn more about your company, and your products or services. The best part? Content conversion isn’t limited to one specific digital format.

  • Long Form Content – Long form content generally takes a deeper dive into a specific topic. Most companies generate e-books and whitepapers to address these topics, providing key insights and information for B2B buyers. Typically, B2B brands offer long-form content in exchange for content information that is directed into the company’s lead generation pipeline.
  • Video – Companies often want to share the unique nature of their brand and products. But the “About Us” page on the company website doesn’t always cut it. Videos provide a visual story, giving customers an enhanced view of what makes a company’s product or services different from the competition. In many cases, videos can be used to collect emails from potential customers.
  • Email Newsletters – Email newsletters can speak directly to the interests of potential buyers and address their key concerns. Newsletters also provide a chance for companies to incorporate their brand messaging, share what’s new and link to whitepaper, e-books and data studies. With the right strategy, email newsletter subscriber lists can be developed as a source of prospects and leads for the business.
  • Blogs – Consumers often turn to blogs for industry insights and other current information, which makes blogs a great content conversion opportunity for brands. Blogs create opportunities to hook readers with a fascinating story or to address real-world customer pain points. For many brands, regular blogging generates significant traffic that can be leveraged to generate additional leads for the sales team.

Improved Content Conversion with Walker Sands

Walker Sands is a firm believer that content should always remain the focal point of a successful public relations strategy. Our experience has taught us that great content can result in more leads, sales and business growth. That is why we have a dedicated practice group of content specialists that can help your brand in developing high value, high conversion content.

Our e-book, “The Complete Guide to Building a Lead-Focused Digital Ecosystem,” addresses how content conversion can lead to a greater number of leads. Click here to download our e-book, or contact Walker Sands to learn more today.