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Updated: Annual Marketing Plan Template

Courtney Beasley

Marketing Template

By a show of hands, who gets a brief feeling of panic when their boss asks them to create a marketing plan for the remaining year, or year


While I can’t actually see you (yet, but I’m sure some tool is getting close…), I would guess it's most of you. I would also guess that this feeling exists because when it comes to marketing in 2015, there are many options and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or focus.

For the better part of a year, Walker Sands has been telling the Digital Ecosystem story – the integrated approach to a full marketing program spanning earned, owned and paid media. And now we’ve updated our Annual Marketing Plan Template to reflect this methodology.

As originally said by Mike in 2010, this is not a perfect document, but an adaptation per the evolution of marketing to a resource that has been working for the small businesses we’ve been sharing with for years.

Download, enjoy, share and let us know what you think!