Understanding the New Digital Ecosystem

In the new digital ecosystem, brands can increase their ability to market the right content to the right audiences, increasing the return and impact of their digital investments. The digital space no longer operates on a few factors. Instead, there are several touch points that link together to drive leads to a brand.

Opportunities and Possibilities for B2B Brands in the New Digital Ecosystem

The digital space no longer relies on limited touch points to drive leads to brands. The system has expanded to open the door to new possibilities for brands and consumers:

  • Reach: To better connect with prospects and build on qualified leads, B2B brands can benefit from an integrated strategy that combines various channels. These include public relations, organic and paid search, social, mobile and email.
  • Engagement: Maintaining a steady pace of marketing to qualified leads gives B2B brands enormous potential to continuously reach their audience(s). Strategies such as remarketing campaigns, content downloads and landing pages remain essential for brands looking to engage prospects and interact with potential leads.

How to Successfully Build Your New Digital Ecosystem

Walker Sands understand that while some brands are veterans of operating within the digital space and have continuously calibrated their strategies, others are completely new to the notion of the digital ecosystem and are looking to lay the foundation for digital success.

Whether you’ve been in the game for some time or are just getting warmed up, Walker Sands specializes in helping your business develop and optimize the various elements of your digital agenda. These elements include:

  • Comprehensive Strategy: Do you want to grow your qualified leads? Are you looking to drive traffic? A good strategy will carefully identify the audience(s) you want to reach and the channels you want to reach them through.
  • Digital Assets: Assess and analyze your current digital platforms, such as landing pages, social media presence, website content, etc., and determine how they can be applied to your overall strategy.
  • Framework: Your digital frameworks should operate with the goal of attracting, engaging and nurturing prospects and leads. This framework needs to be able to identify your audience, target them with the right messages and content, and capture data that is generated by digital interactions.
  • Company Story: A clearly defined brand story can significantly improve your brand’s digital strategy. Amplifying its reach with paid, owned and earned media content creates important linkages within your digital ecosystem.
  • Audience: It’s important to understand exactly how prospects interact with your brand online. By knowing where your audiences are online, you stand a high likelihood of improving your visibility, which in turn leads to more opportunities to engage your prospects.
  • Analytics: Gartner research shows that very few marketers know how to use analytics strategically, even though 21 percent of marketing spend is allocated for analytics. With the new digital ecosystem combining various elements, analytics, testing and optimization should be incorporated into your overall digital strategy.

Ready to Build Your Digital Ecosystem?

At Walker Sands, our team of digital and interactive marketing experts has the insights and tools to help you build a digital ecosystem that enhances your brand’s visibility and drives potential leads. Call us today at (312)-235-6171 to get started.