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Two Expansions in Two Years: Happy 2-Year Anniversary to Walker Sands’ Latest Office

Ellen Hanson

Time sure does fly here at Walker Sands - today marks two years since our move to the heart of Chicago’s Loop, and coincidentally, the completion of our second expansion! After outgrowing our West Loop walk-up, we relocated to the 39th floor of 55 W Monroe on August 1, 2014. Our space features a unique open layout with sweeping views of the lake and plenty of room for collaborating and sharing ideas. Chicago Creative Space even featured our office as one of Chicago’s most innovative office spaces and has helped us to continue cultivating the culture we’ve become famous for.


A lot has changed over the past few years; however, adding 30-plus employees and expanding our services has only helped to augment our company culture as we continue to highlight every milestone, big or small. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we’ve expanded our office for the second time in two years. The addition of 18 desks, two new conference rooms, two private offices, two phone rooms and plenty of space to stretch out and move will accommodate all of the growth that Walker Sands has recently experienced.

We are proud of all the work our employees produced in our older spaces, and can’t wait to see what will be accomplished in the new.