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Twitter Study: Most Talked About Brands of 2009

Lauren Eichmann

In light of the talk of Twitter and other social media networks being a source of information for citizen journalism and breaking news (see my earlier post), Walker Sands was curious about the top brands being mentioned via the popular microblogging outlet.

With the help from our Director of Web Services and Social Media, John Fairley, we took a look at the top ten brands people were tweeting about in 2009. Here are the results.

Brands Mentioned Most on Twitter in 2009

Is there anything surprising, or something you think is missing from this list?

For example, Dell has reported $3 million in revenue generated from Twitter since 2007, according to a New York Times blog post by Claire Cain Miller. Yet “Dell” has not appeared to be among one of the top brands mentioned on Twitter in 2009.

So what’s the force behind these trends?

One thing to note is that technology-related products and services are consistently the most popular things people tweet (by hours). Furthermore, many of the top brands assist users with connecting to others: iPhone, AT&T, Google Wave and TweetDeck.

For brands like AIG, its financial collapse still has many people focused on their supposed greed. The negative publicity surrounding AIG has people talking about it online.

On a more positive note, sports and other entertainment also rank high in terms of what people like to tweet about: SuperBowl, NFL, Lakers and American Idol.

A main takeaway of this data may be that consumers tweet about what makes them passionate -- whether that is an emerging technology, controversial news or entertainment.

If your brand is active on Twitter, what makes individuals tweet about your company? Is it a special promotion you’re offering, compliments about your brand, customer service assistance, or something else? Knowing these things can help you better serve your key clientele and ultimately enhance your offerings.