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The Way We Pay: A Survey of the American Consumer

Payal Shukla

Few topics in the media landscape today generate as much interest or debate as the American consumer. The preferences and opinions of the modern U.S. consumer – from millennial to baby boomer – carry broad implications for retailers, manufacturers, marketers and everyone in between.  The payments industry in particular is facing increased pressure to create an omnichannel environment for their connected customers and be everywhere they are – in store, online and on mobile devices.

That’s why SecureNet, an end-to-end payments processor, set out to understand the latest trends in consumer purchasing behavior in their new study, “The Way We Pay.” SecureNet surveyed 750 American consumers on the state of payments and a wide range of topics including cross-channel transactions, targeted marketing and data breaches.

Below are some key findings from The Way We Pay:

Showrooming is leading to more mobile shopping

  • More than one in five consumers (21 percent) have purchased a product from their smartphone while browsing for the same item in a physical store
  • Among shoppers 18-29, this number is 25 percent. Among shoppers 30-44, it’s 33 percent


Data collection for targeted promotions is generally accepted by consumers

  • More than three in four consumers (77 percent) say they would shop more frequently at a retailer that offers customized promotions based on past purchases
  • Among millennials, that number jumps to 85 percent

Americans are turning their backs on cash

  • More than 55 percent of Americans carry less than $20 in cash on a typical day. Among 18-to-29-year-olds, this number leaps to 68 percent
  • One in four Americans say they use their debit or credit card more than 10 times a week


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