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The Walker Sands Friday Five

Erin Jordan

Welcome to the newest section of Footprints, the “Friday Five.” Here we re-cap the top five news articles our office comes across each week. Highlighting timely stories in technology, business-to-business and public relations, the Friday Five gives a weekly pulse on Walker Sands’ specialty industries.

Friday Five for the week of July 9-13, 2012:


1. Adobe and NBC team up for the first-ever Olympics apps

(Venture Beat)

The 2012 Summer Olympics are all about digital. Adobe and NBC have partnered to create the first ever official Olympics apps. The apps offer live streams from all events, short video highlights, medal ceremonies and offer social media integration.


2. Majority of Marketers Plan to Increase Mobile Budgets in 2013


70% of marketers plan to increase their mobile budgets in 2013, but Scott Forshay of Acquity Group believes increasing the budget without a strong strategy is counterproductive. Rather, mobile marketers should find smarter ways to implement mobile strategies.


3.Marketers are drawing down emphasis on Facebook, increasing budgets and time spent attending to the rest of the web


A June 2012 study showed that 4% of US brand marketers and agencies spent equal amounts of time attending to Facebook and the rest of the internet, which is down from 16% in March 2012. Overall, marketers have begun to pay much smaller amounts of time regulating the social media giant, and more time on the web overall.


4. 12 Reasons PR Pros Can’t Ignore the Mobile Boom

(PR Daily)

Our phones aren't just for making phone calls anymore; they are true media consumption devices. Here’s how the rise in mobile will forever change the PR profession.


5. How to check if your Yahoo, G-Mail, or AOL passwords were leaked


What do LinkedIn, Formspring, eHarmony and have in common? All were recent victims of massive cybersecurity attacks. Learn how to detect if your password and personal information were leaked.


Have a great weekend and check back at the end of next week for the Friday Five!