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The role of public relations in relationship formation

Julie Walsh

Relationships; we all have them, and we know how hard it can be to establish and maintain the various relationships we keep. Recently, we have seen a surprising spree of celebrity break ups, corporate mishaps, and political slip ups. But how do these all relate? In one way or another, a relationship was damaged.

But what does public relations have to do with relationship formation? Everything.

A strong relationship will go a long way, and is at the core of every public relations strategy. Building and maintaining relationships is a unique offering by public relations, and a valuable asset that pr professionals can provide. While everyone wants to keep close relationships, public relations practitioners are in the profession of preserving these relationships to ensure long term success.  PR is in the business of relationships.

In a recent blog post, Lauren mentioned 5 key reasons to hire a PR firm.  She addresses the fact that PR firms have a large repository of contact information, but in addition to that contact information, companies like Walker Sands do not just have names and numbers, we have relationships. Forming strong relationships with journalists will go a long way in helping you serve your clients.

The success or failure of an organization can be determined by the relationships it keeps with its key publics and stakeholders.  Trying to take that on by yourself can be overwhelming, which is why it is best to hire a PR firm to help you.  Regardless of the industry your organization is in, having relationships will be necessary to keep it in the industry.

Earlier forms of public relations used “a one way model,” only measuring success through placements. While measuring placements is still necessary, other forms of measurement have come into use. Research has shown that public relations effectiveness is best measured through the relationship between the organization and its publics, also known as OPR (organization-public relationship). Focusing on OPR will allow for a long term look at the effectiveness and success of public relations.

Public relations programs exist in an uncertain environment, with variables they do not have control over; however, when quality relationships are a part of the equation, the situation becomes more manageable.

Personally or professionally, strong relationships can help you through the good times and bad. Luckily, there are companies like Walker Sands that can help you with forming these mutually beneficial relationships.