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The Growth in Mobile Traffic and What You Can Do


How much of your traffic would have to come from mobile visits before you thought it was time to spend the time and resources into making sure your website was mobile-friendly? 5%? 7%? What if I told you that, on average, 10% of your traffic was likely to come from smartphones and tablets?

So what does this mean for you? There are ways to make your website mobile-friendly, without having to go all out and designing a mobile optimized site.

  1. Minimize your use of flash, mobile phones and tablets can’t render flash which means that the time and effort you spent on it isn’t visible to search engines or mobile users.
  2. Simplify your navigation. Mobile devices often can’t take advantage of dropdown menus so providing users secondary navigation and deep links is very important.
  3. Display text in a box that fits in a small screen. You don’t want users to have to scroll left and right just to finish reading a sentence.
  4. Simplify conversion forms. You want your forms to be as easy to complete as possible, but mobile users are even less likely than PC users to finish a form when it requires them to fill out a dozen fields and decipher a Captcha.

What’s driving this seemingly sudden jump? Part of it is obvious, sales of smartphones and tablets have been on the rise for years, but what seems to have pushed mobile traffic over the hump is email marketing. Nearly 40% of people check their email using their phones, so more people than ever are clicking your links from their phone instead of their PC.

Read more about we found in our Quarterly Mobile Traffic Report (and find out some surprising conversion data) and learn how to check how much of your traffic is mobile in our easy to follow guide.