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The Forgotten Social Media Platform

Karissa Van Hooser

I think media marketers often overlook one social medium that they shouldn’t – flickr. When most people develop a social media campaign, more often than not they go to Facebook and Twitter. This is done with good reason since marketing through these mediums is simple and the total number of people invested in these communities tend to be large. Here though, I’m going to give you a few reasons why you should add flickr to your campaign.

1)      People are visual - You’re able to tell a story in a way you can’t through other mediums. Let’s face it, people like to look at pictures. People are compelled by pictures and the change of pace is nice. We stare at text all day; mix it up in a way that allows for more interpretation than other mediums.

2)      You can share your photo stream - The only place people see your photos are not simply the flickr community. You are able to share your photos throughout all social media platforms and flickr makes it easy.

3)      It is good for searches - You are able to tag photos differently than through other social media platforms. These tags are used in search, which means people with your interests can more easily find you. Your audience is not simply based upon your preexisting brand awareness.

4)      Picture quality - Picture quality is much higher on flickr than any of the other social media platforms. This way your presentation is superior.

5)      Creative Commons - Flickr provides a safe platform for your pictures. They offer creative commons, which means you get to pick how stringent your copy right is. This allows you to create and adapt many of programs, but also can give you peace of mind, which is something you don’t always get with the other social media platforms.

6)      You can start discussions - Flickr allows you to create groups and comments, just like all other social platforms. While the focus is around photographs and videos, people are still interacting with each other.

Now, go get a flickr!

Check out some of these flickr pages: