Build Your Company's Digital Ecosystem

Over the past few years, the B2B buyer journey has changed dramatically as prospects increasingly act like consumers. They’re doing more web research, consuming more content, and contacting companies much later in the decision-making process.

B2B buyers have twisted the linear sales funnel model into a complicated pretzel of digital channels, with prospects now having seven to 15 touch points with a seller before turning into a qualified lead. As a result, B2B brands can no longer rely on a handful of channels and a single conversion action. This new buyer journey requires an integrated approach to digital marketing and public relations that constantly nurtures prospects across channels and creates ongoing opportunities for interaction and conversion.

At Walker Sands, we’ve responded to the shifting B2B landscape by developing a model we call the Digital Ecosystem.  

What is the Digital Ecosystem?

To connect with prospects across multiple touch points, B2B brands need a marketing strategy that gets earned, owned and paid media working together in harmony to increase brand awareness, build credibility and drive leads. Therefore, channels that have traditionally been approached separately – such as media relations, social media, search engine marketing and email marketing – must come together in a unified marketing framework.

We call this approach the Digital Ecosystem model, which relies on great content like research reports and white papers as the connective tissue that links all your marketing channels together and moves prospects toward the desired outcome. By developing a robust content marketing program and a website optimized for conversion, you will lay a solid foundation for a comprehensive strategy that attracts, engages and nurtures prospects and leads through the new buyer journey.

The Digital Ecosytems

The Benefits of Your Own Digital Ecosystem

When your Digital Ecosystem is fueled with quality content that is on-brand and speaks directly to the interests of your audience, your business will be generating leads at every marketing touch point. As your marketing strategy is executed, you might be surprised by the way different channels begin to amplify the overall impact of your brand, resulting in:

Greater brand awareness 

Your prospects will come to recognize and feel comfortable with your brand as they notice it appearing in media outlets, social feeds and their inboxes.

Heightened credibility

When you give your audience informative and useful content, they will naturally consider you a thought leader in the industry.

Increased conversions

A thriving Digital Ecosystem doesn’t only deliver more leads; it cultivates better leads that are further along the marketing and sales funnel than prospects contacted through traditional sales methods.

Building your unique Digital Ecosystem framework depends on existing digital assets, business goals and other factors. So what would your company’s Digital Ecosystem look like? Partner with Walker Sands, and we can show you.

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