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The Cyber-security Commandments

Will Kruisbrink

By Will Kruisbrink and Alex Mamach

In honor of cyber-security month in October, Walker Sands’ IT Kaizen put together a list of “Cyber-security Commandments.” Following these rules will help you avoid most cyber-security problems. They’ll also keep your technology running smoothly.


1.     Never Trust a Link. Know where a link is taking you before you click it.

You can always hover over a link and look at the bottom left of your browser to see where the link is directing you.

2.     Know Your Sources: Understand the difference between legitimate sites and shady dealers.

Sites for fonts, stock photos, and song lyrics tend to have lots of malware. Look for authorized sources before clicking through to any sites. Try the "Web of Trust" Google Chrome extension.

3.     NEVER plug in a USB stick you don't know

4.     Always ask an IT department member before downloading anything.

5.     Always Update Windows (or Mac OS)

It's not your iTunes update. On the second Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases an update to Windows. Always download it and let it finish installing.

6.     Lock Your Phone

Password protecting your phone should be the first thing you do when you pick up that iPhone 6.

7.     If someone contacts you on a social network whom you wouldn't text, be wary

Create a high standard for interaction on your social accounts.

8.     No legitimate person at any company will ask you for your log-in information

9.     Permissions: When an app asks your permission, less is more.

Don’t blithely click through all the pop-up screens when you install a new app. Read each and reject most permissions.

10.  Identify, then Open

Figure out where a file came from before opening it. If you can’t remember or don’t know how you got that file, delete it.

Are there any commandments that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.