The Best Coffee Shops to Work From in San Francisco

Not everyone works in an office, and this is especially true in a city with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit like San Francisco. When you’re looking for a place to work remotely, on the go or just want a change of scenery, consider some of the city’s best coffee shops:

  • Darwin Cafe: Located on Ritch Street, Darwin Cafe boasts a fantastic sandwich menu, a bar, and outlets galore. The cafe’s reputation draws a crowd, though, so you may want to place an order ahead of time. If you're in SoMa and looking for a place to stop and work, Darwin Cafe should definitely be on your list.
  • Coffee Bar: Nestled at the intersection of Florida and Mariposa in The Mission, Coffee Bar makes for a perfect remote office. Designer coffee paired with an artisanal menu more than make up for the out-of-the-way location, and the shop even has its own seating chart to help you steer clear of impatient diners during the afternoon rush.
  • Java Beach Café: Positioned just off the coast in Outer Sunset on La Playa Street, Java Beach Café offers a smaller, cozier environment than many of the city’s larger coffee shops. Known for its friendly staff and craft beer, the view alone is worth a visit. If you’re ever feeling nostalgic about the time before coffeehouses become remote offices, (but don’t want to give up modern comforts like readily available outlets), Java Beach Café is worth a look.
  • Mercury Cafe: This Hayes Valley coffee shop prides itself on serves locally roasted, direct-trade coffee. Apart from a rock-solid Wi-Fi connection, Mercury Cafe also offers organic, locally-sourced, (and surprisingly affordable), soups, sandwiches and baked goods. For locavores particular about their coffee, consider stopping by Mercury Cafe on Octavia Street.
  • Café La Boheme: If you’re looking for an “all of the above” coffee shop in The Mission, this should be your first stop. Café La Boheme features an eclectic menu including highlights like Oregon Chai, beer, wine and gyros. If you work through the evening, you can even enjoy regular live band performances. Pay a visit to Café La Boheme on 24th  Street if you’re interested in a coffeehouse that offers a bit of everything.
  • yakiniQ Cafe: Situated on the eastern edge of Japantown, yakiniQ Cafe offers a different kind of experience. With chess and other game sets available, it’s easy to take a break doing something other than scrolling through Facebook. Come for the free Wi-Fi, stay for the sweet potato lattes on Post Street.

San Francisco’s coffee shops are as diverse as the community itself, catering to everyone from those who just want a quiet spot to work to regulars seeking a mid-afternoon distraction. With plentiful outlets, good food and fast internet, almost anywhere can become your new go-to workspace. While you're at it, check out our take on the best restaurants in the City by the Bay; and add it to the list for your SanFran staycation.