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The Benefits of Post-Grad Internships

Meghan Reilly

Following my graduation from Miami University, I had a lot of uncertainties about my future; however, I was determined to work for a public relations firm in my native city, Chicago. I wanted to get ahead of my competition by starting my job search immediately. I quickly realized that the public relations industry was unique, and most PR firms do not hire recent graduates right off the bat.

After four years of lectures, exams and endless group assignments, I expected to walk away from graduation with a degree and a job offer. Instead of changing my career goals or accepting a position that I didn't love, I decided pursue a summer internship in PR for a variety of reasons:

• Internships are a great trial period for a company. It might be scary to commit yourself to a new company that you don’t know much about. An internship lets you test the waters before diving in.

• There’s always room to grow as a public relations professional, and the best way to learn is through experience. Working for different companies and multiple internships will help you stand out. There is always room for personal and professional development in PR.

• Instead of spending your summer browsing the Internet for job openings, utilize that time by working as an intern. This will help you network and build relationships, which could potentially lead to a job offer down the road. Some companies even hire interns at the end of the summer. You never know, but your hard work could pay off!

Getting your foot in the door is sometimes a challenge, but it’s important to research all of your options before making a career decision. A post-grad internship is a great opportunity for you to build a future in public relations.