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The 7 Funding Newsletters You Should Be Reading

Meghan Spork

Funding makes the tech world go ‘round. Well… funding and innovation. As a B2B tech PR firm, many of our clients are VC- and PE-backed companies or are working with us to get onto investors’ radars.

To best serve our clients, we’re always trying to stay on top of investment news and trends - watching where money is being investing, how much and by whom. Luckily, there are tons of email newsletters that not only track specific deal announcements, but also give you a taste of what it’s like to be an investor.

Here’s a quick list of my favorite VC and PE newsletters. Which ones are must-reads for you?  

  1. Fortune’s TermSheet

    Term Sheet provides a wrapup of what companies raised, who has raised new funds and how happenings in other places of the market are impacting businesses. While Term Sheet has long been a staple in my morning reading, it’s recently moved back into my favorites. Erin Griffith recently took over this newsletter from Dan Primack and gave the newsletter a stronger focus on tech and VC developments, making it a must-read for me each morning.

  2. Crunchbase Daily

    If you’re looking to track deals without a lot of extra opinion and analysis – Crunchbase Daily is your go-to. Once a day, Crunchbase rolls up the biggest (determined by both dollar amount and notoriety) deals of the day. And it’s database is worth a look for anyone keeping tabs on tech investing.

  3. PitchBook PE & VC News

    Like Crunchbase, PitchBook pulls the data that fuels the newsletter from its extensive platform which touches VC, PE and M&A. Unlike CrunchBase though, PitchBook packs a bit information into its newsletter adding a bit of analysis and background to most deals it features. And don’t miss the recommended reads section at the bottom!  

  4. Inside Venture Capital

    Inside VC spun out of Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Ticker, another email newsletter I’d highly recommend for anyone who works in tech (twice a day emails, quick hit tech stories – 300 characters or less). Inside VC publishes 3 times a week and rolls up the biggest deals by category and provides some quick analysis, often with great charts and graphs.

  5. PE Hub Wire

    While the list above skews heavily toward the VC crowd, I look to PE Hub to keep me balanced. The Wire tracks deals, fundraising, personnel changes, M&A, IPOs and the best stories on PE Hub all in one place.

  6. Mark Suster’s Both Sides of the Table

    Now we’re veering away from deal news into thought leadership. An entrepreneur turned VC, Mark has great insight on what it’s like to be … both sides of the table, hence the name. The newsletters are less newsletters and more blog posts delivered via email and cover everything from startup lessons, thoughts on VC developments and entrepreneurship.

  7. Semil Shah’s Blog

    Like Mark Suster’s newsletter, this is another blog turned newsletter from Semil Shah at the early-stage investment firm Haystack. Lots of thought leadership and a clear window into what goes on in an investor’s head about deals, current events and developments in the space. My favorite posts from Semil are the ones that detail why he invested in specific companies. 

And while it’s not an email newsletter, I’d also recommend our client ParkerGale’s podcast, the PE FunCast. If you’re looking for a glimpse of life in PE, Jim and Devin talk about building technology companies and tackle other entertaining topics.