Thank you for downloading our B2B Marketing Budget Spreadsheet and our e-book on B2B Marketing Budgeting Best Practices

You can access them via these links:

B2B marketing budgeting e-book

B2B marketing budget spreadsheet

Here are some more excellent marketing resources we think you'll enjoy:

  • Marketing campaign brief. From setting objectives and identifying key messages to creating assets and hosting pages, this interactive template will act as a checklist and helpful organizational resource guiding you through marketing campaign success.
  • 12 week content plan template. Looking for a plan to help with your content marketing? Download this interactive checklist that allows you to check off completed actions of your campaign to keep you organized and on schedule.
  • Annual marketing plan template. This one-page annual marketing plan document is built to be a simple overview of your marketing calendar throughout the year.
  • Effective marketing strategy planning sessions. Marketing strategy sessions not going well? Here's how to avoid getting bogged down in tactical discussions when you want to define a marketing strategy.
  • How to hire a marketing firm. Hiring a top-rated marketing firm is a priority for any growth-oriented business. But hiring the marketing firm that's right for your company's goals and growth strategy requires planning, preparation and research.
  • Setting a marketing budget. Budget decisions are never easy. But setting a reasonable marketing budget is one of the most important things you can to do to improve sales and capture market share.
  • Marketing in a slow economy. The economy's slow. We get it. But a down economy shouldn't stand in the way of your company's marketing strategy.
  • Marketing trends 2017. Check out the 2017 marketing trends that the experts at Walker Sands are tracking, as well as a few we-think-it-could-happen marketing predictions for 2017.
  • Improving ROI with niche marketing. Niche marketing targets specific consumer or B2B segments. When combined with skillfully crafted messaging, a niche strategy can deliver substantially higher ROI and increased market share.

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