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Ten Reasons Not To Hire a PR Firm

Ken Gaebler

Reasons to Not Hire a PR Firm - PR Firm Blog - Chicago PR Firm
Are PR Firms Necessary?

Hire a PR firm? No way!

That's something a number of companies seem to be thinking these days.

Given my strong belief that every company should hire a PR firm, I'm very surprised that so many companies don't have a PR firm.

In order to understand why many firms opt to forego hiring a PR firm, I decided to put myself in the shoes of those who are operating a business without assistance from a PR firm. Along those lines, I've come up with this list of Ten Reasons Not to Hire a PR Firm.

Ten Reasons Not To Hire a PR Firm

1. Media is going the way of the dinosaurs, so PR is not relevant any more.

2. Money is tight these days, and we need to spend it on other priorities, not on PR.

3. Our sales are just fine. There's no need for PR right now.

4. We have money for PR but we don't have time for PR. We are way too busy to focus on PR right now.

5. PR firms are too expensive.

6. PR is something that we can do ourselves without having to hire a PR firm.

7. The last time we hired a PR firm, they didn't do a good job for us.

8. Our competition is not investing in PR, so we don't have to either.

9. What we sell is not really much of a PR story, so we probably would not get very good results if we hired a PR firm.

10. We need to focus on sales, not marketing. I'd rather hire a new salesperson than spend money on PR.

Do These Reasons Make Sense To You?

So there you have it – a bunch of reasons why firms don't hire a PR agency.

What's your take on these reasons not to hire a PR firm?

If you own or work at a PR firm, how would you go about responding to this line of thinking?

If you had a meeting with a firm that gave these reasons as to why they don't need your services, how would you respond?