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Technori’s 50th: 5 Years, 250 Startups

Alex Longo

Over the past five years, 250 startups have taken the Technori stage to present their innovations before hundreds of influencers, early adapters and tech enthusiasts. Walker Sands was in the audience for Technori’s 50th event and watched as five companies debuted their unique offerings:

Join us to celebrate our 50th Technori

Red Leaf Chicago

As far as currency is concerned, this group is turning over a new leaf. Red Leaf Chicago is a bitcoin ATM provider dedicated to making blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies more widely available. They currently have nine ATMs across Chicagoland.


Outernet provides what they call “libraries from space.” Their mission is to broadcast free content – books, music, television – worldwide at no cost to every person. The only thing needed is a satellite dish.


Deskpass answers a simple question: Where do you want to work today? Members can choose their ideal work environment from an array of unique spaces across Chicago to hunker down and get some work done.


With Orunje, the house call is making a comeback. Patients using Orunje can request a doctor visit through the app and be seen by a doctor in their home within two hours.


Say goodbye to bad taxi TV, and say hello to targeted recommendations and promotions. Vugo connects advertisers to ride-sharers by broadcasting location and individual specific content.

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