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Technology Provides Opportunities for Aspiring PR Pros

Bryan Blackburn

Trying to choose a career in public relations is like trying to choose a puppy to take home from a fresh batch of canine companions. Each puppy is dreadfully adorable – we want to pick them up, play with them, and give each one a try before we decide which one to take home. Similarly, corporate, international, non-profit and agency PR all seem equally exciting. How is it even possible to choose? The answer is simple:


As a master’s student, I can’t stress enough how important it is to use internships to explore different career paths in PR. Had I not applied for an internship with Walker Sands, I would have never known tech PR was an option for me. Internships give you the “picking up puppy” experience in the work force. I picked up tech PR, scratched its belly, and finally decided this career is one I can definitely take home.

Through 2020, and potentially beyond, high demand and significant growth is expected in the technology sector. Employment growth in high-tech industries is projected to continue to surpass growth in other sectors and has recently outpaced other occupations by a ratio of 27 to one.

Rapid growth in the technology sector is spilling over into other industries, offering new career opportunities across the entire job market. And even PR practitioners can benefit from the tech explosion.


Exponential growth in technology presents public relations professionals with opportunities to get involved in a niche – tech PR. Technology concepts and news is very complex, and can be brutal on the minds of those with a surface-level understanding. This is where PR plays an integral role – by transforming information in a way that the audience can comprehend with clarity and poise.

So where’s the fun?

Technology changes – fast! Tech PR is an exciting field because there’s always a new, “next big thing” to watch. As a professional deeply rooted in the world of cool gadgets and cutting-edge gizmos, predicting trends and how they impact retail, mobile, marketing, and society itself becomes an art form, and sometimes a daunting challenge. How can we convince businesses that integrating mobile into in-store shopping experiences will engage more customers and ultimately drive sales? By creatively approaching these questions – and many others – PR pros have an exceptional ability to bridge the gap between businesses, consumers, and information.

Although a proud millennial absorbed in tech culture, I was nervous to start working at a tech PR agency because I knew I had limited knowledge about techy-type things. This nervousness proved beneficial because it fueled my fire to learn more about clients, what they do, and what’s trending in the tech world. From mobile commerce to digital marketing, my tech knowledge has grown tenfold, if not more!

I don’t want to toot my own horn or convince you that I’m a tech-savvy divo. I want to highlight that if I can do tech PR, any aspiring PR professional can too. Whether a tech expert already, or as someone whose only tech experience is with Facebook and a cell phone, tech PR is a career worth exploring.

What are you waiting? Take tech PR out for a walk!