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Team Spotlight: Will Barthel

Abby Beasley

August is fast upon us, and so is the next edition of the Walker Sands Team Spotlight!

This week, I sat down with Will Barthel to hear what’s up in the world of sales. As the Vice President of Business Development, Will uses over decade of experience in business development specializing in B2B marketing communications to keep our pipeline full.

Here’s what he had to say about working at Walker Sands.

1.What is your role at Walker Sands? What does your day-to-day look like?

Will: I am the VP of Business Development. On the surface, my day looks like phone calls and emails, which are really all about introducing people to the beauty of Walker Sands and working with service teams to move prospects through the sales process to become happy clients!


2. How has Walker Sands changed since you first started at the company?

Will: Well, since 2014, the company has doubled in size. We certainly have our growing pains, but the culture and love shared by everyone here has not changed.

3. What do you like most about working at Walker Sands?

Will: What do I like most about Walker Suds (the affectionately named office kegerator)? Ha! The most important thing about anyone’s career is the people you work with, so my favorite part of working here is the people that make up my family as I spend more time here anyway, haha!

4. What sets Walker Sands apart?

Will: See: Walker Suds.

From our competitors? Easy, it’s our focus on B2B technology, most specifically in our core practice areas. Additionally, it’s our integrated approach to PR and digital marketing.

5. What excites you most about the next year at Walker Sands? The next three years?

Will: I am excited to see a continuation of the growth that we’ve already seen. Hiring salespeople in the next year, building out the sales team in the next three years, and I’ll even throw in the next five years: hiring salespeople.

6. Tell me about when and how you came to consider yourself an adult, assuming you do of course.

Will: Well, I don’t, so a big fat TBD on that one. However, I am more of an adult since I became a dad.

I am not a regular dad; I am a sporty dad. (Will impressively quoted “cool dad,” but I had just noted his Patagonia button down and I could just hear the Velcro on the L.L. Bean footwear in the room).

7. If you were a city, which would it be & why?

Will: I can tell you if I was a candy bar I would be chocolate covered bacon (is that a candy bar Will? Verdict: It’s an adult candy bar). I’m going to go ahead and say Denver because there’s nothing not cool about it.

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