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Team Spotlight: Lauren Gilyard

Kyle Rall

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Lauren Gilyard, Walker Sands’ sales manager, to learn more about her role and get her perspective on what she enjoys about working here (and to figure out if she’s a cat or dog person).

As part of the sales team, Lauren is responsible for building out the traditional and digital presence across the full sales cycle. She works across teams to execute projects and has been focusing a lot on the digital side of Walker Sands in the past several months.

Lauren is excited to see the company continue to grow and develop over the next several years! Here’s what she had to say:


1. What is your role at Walker Sands? What is your day to day?

I am the sales manager, so I’m responsible for supporting all things sales-related.

I’ve been focusing a lot on digital lately, specifically with outbound reach. We’re focusing on building awareness for companies that do not know about us, as well as others that might have needs in the future. It is all about getting in front of people so when they do have a need we are included in the conversation. One of my main tasks is to push our digital offerings, especially to prospects who might think of us more along the lines of PR.

2. What is your day-to-day?

It’s very different. Today, I’ve been in a pitch meeting, sent a bunch of prospect emails and looked at prospects. Sometimes it’s prospecting all day or participating in internal meetings or calls.

3. How has WS changed since you started at the company?

I’ve been at Walker Sands since November, so I don’t know if we’ve had too much change. I have noticed that we’re expanding our service offerings and are now going after clients that we may have not approached traditionally in the past. That in itself is going to bring up more opportunities to do creative initiatives that will allow us to grow and enhance our service offerings.

4. What do you like most about working at Walker Sands?

So far, I like the people. I love that everyone loves Walker Sands, and that the culture is so strong. It seems like people come here and they stay here. The executives go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome, which is very refreshing.

5. What sets WS apart?

Talking to clients (present and past), everyone always has great things to say about Walker Sands. In the industry and among my friends at other agencies, Walker Sands has a great reputation.

6. What excites you most about the next year at WS?

It’s really exciting how much we’re growing, and how we’re focusing on new clients. I’m also excited about the new services that we have, such as video, or services like branding and others that we plan to build out in the near future. I feel like Walker Sands will be a completely different place in the next five years, and I’m excited to see what that future looks like.

7. Speed round. Three seconds or less.

  • Dogs or cats? Dogs
  • Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.
  • Uber or Lyft? Lyft.
  • Biking or walking? Depends on the day, but probably walking.
  • Apple or Android? Apple.
  • Smooth or chunky peanut butter? Smooth.
  • Beach or mountains? Beach. Which beach? Maui, most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been on. But I do like skiing too.  
  • Football or soccer? Football, I’m not really a big soccer fan.
  • Cubs or Sox? Cubs. But I’m a Tiger’s Fan (Interviewer - I’m so sorry). But because the Cubs aren’t in our division, I can root for them.

Interested in learning more about our team? Keep an eye out for another Team Spotlight next week!