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Teaching trends – will Professors make the grade?

Kim Lucio

With most universities going back to school this week, there have been many new trends to keep up with in social media since last semester. Somewhere between May and August, bringing a notebook to class turned from a pen and paper to an iPad, and any question could be answered in 140 characters or less.

Students are realizing that if they want careers in business or communication (or anything else really), that they are going to have to get their name out there. Networking on social media has become the most popular form of resume building, and the fastest and easiest way to get your information out there. But have their college professors been keeping up with the trends?

Practice what you preach

Social media cannot be found in a textbook. With trends that change by the hour, the internet is the best hub of go-to technology information. If teachers in the communication and business fields want to be able to show their students the ins and outs of social media, they better know the tricks themselves. For anyone who finds that they are behind on the times, the best place to catch up is in the blogosphere. Mashable, founded by Pete Cashmore, has become a social media and trend resource for go-to information on all things technology.  This is a great place to watch trends, read the latest news in digital, or see what’s new on Facebook.

But don’t stop there

Social media goes far beyond blogs. To get connected and stay that way, professors should subscribe to RSS feeds of their favorite news sources, web sites, and blogs. This way they can keep up with the ever changing, always growing list of social media outlets and resources.