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Successful Tips for Lead Generation

In B2B tech marketing and PR, lead generation is an important goal for brands that want to succeed in a competitive business environment. Factors like what today’s buyers are looking for and which decision-makers should be reached first can help improve your company’s lead gen capabilities.

Strong lead generation methods will help you identify qualified prospects and close new business, keeping you steps ahead of your competition.

Strategies to Increase Lead Generation

There are many effective tools that B2B tech companies can harness when looking to increase lead generation. By utilizing these strategies, your company can raise its profile among key audiences and target markets, while at the same time driving new leads to your brand.

Three lead generation tactics for your company to consider are:

1. Blogging and Social Media Campaigns – Blogging and social media are effective methods for lead generation in the B2B tech space. However, it’s not simply about creating blog posts and then posting or tweeting the link. To produce actual results, your blogging and social media efforts should employ a strategic element. An advantage to blogging and using social channels is that your target audience is already engaged on these sites. You don’t have to work to generate interest; rather, you can engage these users and enter the conversation. Combining this strategy with compelling blog posts and social media content can drive site traffic and increase lead generation.

2. Infographics and Data-Driven Campaigns – If you want more lead generation, you’ll need more data. Studies are a great way for your brand to establish itself as an authority in your industry and increase your thought leadership profile. Steps for a successful data-driven campaign include:

  • Develop a survey that tailors to and captivates a particular audience.
  • Analyze the findings and determine which results would make for the most compelling and newsworthy angle.
  • Design accompanying visuals, like infographics and white papers that highlight your study’s key discoveries.

If you properly engineer your data-driven campaign, you stand a high likelihood of driving traffic to your website, prompting prospective clients to download white papers, request more information or take some other action that increases lead generation.

3. Case Studies – Case studies remain an important part of reaching out to your audience. Including past success stories and customer testimonials encourages prospects to consider your company for its products or services. The information from your data studies and infographics will supplement the information highlighted. The great thing about case studies is that since they are usually hosted on your website, those reading them are often already potential leads.

Walker Sands: Proven Lead Generation

At Walker Sands, lead generation for our B2B tech clients is a core component of the public relations and marketing strategies we develop. Our Chicago office helps to guide company growth through B2B lead generation. Using involved and practical strategies, we highlight your company’s strengths and match them to the most promising leads.

If you’re ready to adopt a methodical and effective lead generation plan, contact Walker Sands at (312)-267-0066 today.

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