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Study: Which Media Placements Drive the Most Leads?

Mike Santoro

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We’re always learning new things at Walker Sands, and a crucial part of the learning process is asking the right questions. Recently, we asked: Which media placements are the most effective for generating leads for our clients?

Specifically, we wanted to know how placements that link to the landing pages of content assets (e.g., white papers, e-books or reports) perform when compared to placements that link to pages on the company website (e.g., the homepage, services page or a bio page). We had plenty of client data to analyze (6,000 placements across several campaigns), so we conducted our own analysis.

I’m happy to report that we weren’t surprised by what we found. If your link includes an asset, you can expect around 5x the conversions. It’s heartening to know that the data supports what we’ve been practicing and advocating for years.

Clear Insights for a Targeted Content Strategy

In this report, we explain our findings in a way that is easy to understand. We begin with some definitions that are very common in the PR and SEO world, and we explain how those definitions related to our methodology. We then distill our findings to the only two stats that really matter: traffic and conversion rates. The result is a clean and focused report that you can absorb in about 10 minutes.

To see the findings, contact us to download Which Media Placements Drive the Most Conversions?