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Stay Organized and Save Time with the Walker Sands Marketing Campaign Brief

Courtney Beasley

In the fast paced world of business, it’s easy to find yourself wading through multiple campaigns at once. With demand higher than it’s ever been, the expectation is to be seen in multiple places at once. However, rather than feeling overwhelmed with work, take a few deep breaths and download the Walker Sands Marketing Campaign Brief. With our step by step guide to breaking down key messages and reaching your target audiences, you’ll be on your way to marketing euphoria. Think of it as your go to resource for keeping calm and organizing everything from tactics to assets that align with your brand and message.

Marketing Campaign Template

By identifying a primary objective for each campaign, the template will help you maintain organization and focus each step of the way. Additionally, it will serve as a spring board to all the other assets and avenues to a successful campaign.

We know that start and end dates as well as specific restrictions based on geography and language are key to keeping you on track and maintaining the focus of your campaign, which is why we’ve also included sections to take specific parameters into consideration.

When balancing several campaigns at a time, maintaining organization is crucial. The best part about the Marketing Campaign Brief is that it speaks exactly to this pain point. The template is set up in a simple 16 step process that is contained in an easy to fill template, saving you invaluable time and frustration.

Download your own copy of the Marketing Campaign Brief and reap the benefits of time saving organization!

Looking for additional helpful marketing templates? Check out our 12-Week Content Campaign Plan; an easy to follow gant chart. It’s the perfect companion to the Campaign Brief, and when paired together create a lethal marketing weapon that is sure to leave even your biggest competitors in the dust.