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Social Media Website Integration

To maximize your ROI on Social, we take steps to ensure that your business website and your social media presence work together seamlessly.

Your website should showcase your social activities and encourage site visitors to engage with you and share your content on social media platforms. There are also ways to configure your website such that you can remarket to your visitors on social media channels, giving you the opportunity to continue to market to site visitors long after they leave your website. On the flip side, your social media activities should drive traffic to your website where you can further engage with prospective customers, build strong relationships, and feed your sales and marketing engine. It’s also important to configure your website analytics reporting such that you can see the impact that social media has on your website traffic and conversions.

Sounds simple enough, but most organizations get it wrong. Some firms fail to incorporate social media into their websites while others overpromote social media, at the expense of user experience and conversions. But the biggest missed opportunity is not driving social media traffic to the corporate website in an engaging way that ultimately feeds the sales pipeline.

We can help you get it right. Our team will help you define and implement the optimal integration strategy to connect your website with your social media assets. With the right social media integration solutions in place, you’ll be able to get better business results from both your website and your social media programs.

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