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Social Media Tools Worth Checking Out

Kim Lucio

These days, there are literally hundreds of tools out there that will help you increase your ease of use, track down old messages you have posted, or even help you build your own personal brand. Here are a few that are worth your time:


IdentyMe allows you to aggregate all of your professional information online and turn it into a virtual business card. You can then design them on the site, and share with others. View the demo to get a feel for what IdentyMe has to offer.

Create yours here.

Back Up My Tweets

Since Twitter only saves your most recent 3,200 tweets, Back Up My Tweets is a service that saves all tweets you send out to ensure you don't lose any. The service is free, and once you register you will be able to search through and see old tweets that have been stored since your first day using the site.

Check it out here.

Similar to "Back Up My Tweets," stores all of your posted links and updates in one place. However, also saves links from your Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, Posterous, and Instapaper sites.

Check out the full site here.


This site allows you to install your social media pages and create stories based off of content. You sign in with your own accounts, and drag and drop any publicly shared content offline into your "stories" to develop concise pages of information.

Check out the comprehensive video of how Storify works.


If you are on the run or would just like a quick update of what is happening, Summify is for you. The service takes all of your social networks and sends you an email digest of the latest news and updates.  Watch a quick demo video to learn what Summify has to offer.

Visit the site here.