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Social Media Santa: Using Twitter to Spread Hope for the Holidays

Kim Lucio

Everyone knows by now that using social media for your brand, when done the right way, can have a huge influence on the number of people you reach. With millions logging into their Twitter and Facebook accounts daily, it’s no surprise that turning to social media to get a message out to the world is a common trend. But what about when your message involves sending holiday cheer?

With Christmas in 16 days, now’s the time of year to collect toys and items for families in need. Next week in Chicago, there will be a toy drive to do just that. Like many other toy drives, you bring an item to a specified place and you stay and join others who participated in the same event. The difference with this toy drive? It was created and promoted on Twitter and the word is being spread throughout social media.

The first annual National Holiday Tweet Drive, as it is titled, is running over a 3 week period, and being held in over 30 cities. The event was started by avid social media user Harrison Kratz. “With this series of tweet-ups, we’re not only helping children who might not have presents or even essential items, but also giving people a chance to network,” said Kratz. Attendees can stay after the drive and get to know one another, tying networking in with the good cause.

This event proves to be another example of the power of a positive voice in social media. Promoting an event on Twitter for a good cause brings people together to share holiday joy as well as get a chance to know one another.

If you want to learn more about the First Annual Tweet Drive, visit the site online, and of course check it out on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information on the Chicago Tweet Drive next week, check out the event on Facebook. Hope to see you there!