Seven Unusual San Francisco-Based Apps

San Francisco is famous for its tech-driven culture, and nowhere is that more visible than the Golden City’s love of quirky apps. Whether that means fixing a problem you never knew you had or finding a new way to beat traffic, there’s an app for that. Here are some of the most unique San Francisco apps:

  • Shyp: Despite an abundance of services that take the hassle out of receiving a package, sending a parcel continues to be a pain – but Shyp aims to make life easier. Instead of wrapping your package, taking it to the post office, UPS or FedEx and waiting in line, Shyp only asks for a picture of the item. Within minutes, a driver will pick the package up from your door, wrap and ship it for you.
  • Juicero: Juicing first entered the mainstream consciousness in the ’90s, but finding fresh fruits has remained a challenge. Juicero promises to make juicing great again by allowing customers to select a variety of freshly picked fruit which are delivered to their doorstep. It’s like Birchbox for fresh fruit, and currently exclusive to California.
  • Lumoid: A plethora of new gadgets have flooded the marketplace in recent years, including everything from fitness trackers to drones. Lumoid makes it easy to try before you buy, allowing customers to rent a device before committing to a full purchase. Even better, rental credits can be applied toward an outright purchase. With Lumoid, leasing a smartwatch is as straightforward as leasing a car.
  • Even: Working irregular hours can make budgeting a pain as you never know what your next paycheck will look like. Even offers a steady paycheck via an app; by connecting to a user’s bank account, Even can disperse your paycheck in equal chunks every week. By analyzing spikes and dips in a user’s earnings, Even stores extra earnings to disperse during lean weeks. If you want a predictable paycheck, there’s an app for that.
  • Luxe Valet: Parking in the city is an art, but one that can be difficult to appreciate when you’re in a rush. Luxe Valet brings the on-demand economy to parking, and takes the frustration out of getting around. App users select their destination, and when they arrive a Luxe valet  takes their car to a dedicated parking spot.
  • Move Loot: Everyone has used Craigslist, but what you see is not always what you get. Move Loot makes it easy to buy and sell furniture in the San Francisco, offering listings, pickup, storage and delivery. Rather than writing off your old furniture as a lost cause, (or spending hours looking for gems in an antique store), why not use Move Loot?
  • Le Tote: You can rent your music, your car and your apartment, so why not your clothes? Le Tote will deliver three garments and two accessories to your door, as often as you like. When you’ve worn an outfit, send it back and Le Tote will deliver your next selection a few days later. When you’re looking for a change of wardrobe, Le Tote has your back.

San Francisco is famous for its robust tech scene, and the apps and services that define its unique culture. There’s no better way to experience the city’s culture than experimenting with some of its unique, quirky apps. Take a look at our list of famous coffee shops and local restaurants, while you're at it!

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