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Ken Gaebler

Professional Service Firm Coupons
Will Service Firm Coupons

Ever Go Mainstream?

We typically think of coupons as being something that you clip out of the Sunday newspaper to bring to the grocery store to get a discount.

However, coupons have gone mainstream of late, in large part due to the Web. For better or worse, many diligent shoppers won't buy a product unless they first find a coupon that gives them a price break.

What about coupons for professional services firms? Will your lawyer or accountant soon be issuing coupons? Will your doctor offer a "Buy One Shot, Get One Free" special?

Unlikely, but you never know. For kicks, we thought we'd put a couple of coupons out there for PR services and see if we get any bites. It's an experiment and nothing more.

So, if you need a PR firm, we've got a Chicago PR Firm Coupon at Google Maps, and a second Chicago PR Agency Coupon at SuperPages.

What are your thoughts on coupons for professional services firm? Do you think coupons devalue a brand? Do you think service firm coupons will become more prevalent in the future? We welcome your comments, tips and suggestions.