Program Highlights

  • Over 500 million impressions
  • 400+ media placements
  • Over 15,000 downloads and 600,000 visits to in first weekend of launch
  • Key Placements Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, CNET, Engadget, All Things Digital, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post, The Next Web, Business Insider, WGN News, FOX News, CBS News, Reuters

SceneTap Mobile App PR

Startup Mobile App Achieves Global Recognition with Four Month Launch Campaign

SceneTap is a location-based mobile and web app that provides real-time information on what’s happening at bars and nightclubs in your city. Cutting-edge technology in popular venues across the U.S. tracks the number of people in a bar, the male-to-female ratio and the average age of each customer then share these items, along with nightly specials, real-time deals, and social commentary, through the SceneTap interface.

The Problem

SceneTap came to Walker Sands with a mobile app that was still in beta and had not yet been released to the public. The company was in the midst of finalizing their mobile and web app, signing partnerships with local venues, and had only a vague idea of the official SceneTap launch date. As a startup with no background in public relations or marketing, SceneTap sought a way to spread the word to consumers and establish credibility to potential investors, as well as bar owners across the country who would potentially partner with SceneTap in the future.

SceneTap consisted of two co-founders with minimal funding, but an innovative idea. All they needed was a way to introduce SceneTap and tell their story to the public.

The Solution

ThreatMetrix PR CampaignWalker Sands established a timeline for SceneTap’s first rollout, designing a PR framework around the goal launch date in Chicago. After conducting research on possible competitors and tapping into relationships with technology reporters, bloggers, and other mainstream media outlets, Walker Sands was able to craft SceneTap’s messaging and go to market strategy.

Because SceneTap offers many benefits to both consumers and bar owners, Walker Sands was tasked with highlighting the most important benefits and positioning SceneTap in a way that would showcase those benefits: What is the most noteworthy? What problem(s) does SceneTap solve? From there, Walker Sands was able to craft an initial launch program that highlighted the various story angles that would most interest each of our key audiences.

To generate initial buzz, the first big PR push announcing SceneTap went out about a month before the app would go live in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace (as well as on the web). Walker Sands conducted highly targeted media outreach to outlets that cater to early technology adopters, such as Mashable and Read Write Web, with a goal of getting the early adopters on board before the app was even available for download.

Throughout the next month, Walker Sands focused on continual media outreach to keep the momentum going until the official launch. There was an emphasis on Chicago as it would be the first city with live SceneTap data on the launch date. To continue building up excitement, the exact launch date was kept quiet until three weeks before the launch.

About two weeks prior to the launch, Walker Sands extended its media outreach to national mainstream media to raise awareness among a larger majority of the population. At the same time, another announcement went out to the local Chicago press to alert them of SceneTap’s plans for their launch party—a 50 bar extravaganza complete with massive spotlights at each location that the Federal Aviation Administration was required to approve.

As the launch date approached, select media members were invited to a VIP Media Tour (one week before the launch) in which they were among the first to use the app as it was meant to be experienced—going from one bar to the next and checking out the scene beforehand. During this time, Walker Sands also designed and created the cover of the Chicago Tribune RedEye that was set to publish on the day of SceneTap’s launch.

Walker Sands continued this snowball effect of media outreach—slowly releasing information and setting up media interviews with SceneTap’s CEO—until the night of the launch. The results of these efforts were extremely successful in such a short period of time.

The Result

Within two months, Walker Sands achieved over 500 million impressions and 400+ media placements for SceneTap. There were over 15,000 downloads within the first weekend of the Chicago launch, and 600,000 visits to the web version of the app.

SceneTap’s coverage ranged from mainstream media outlets to top-tier technology blogs. Some of the outlets include: Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, CNET, Engadget, All Things Digital, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fast Company, Huffington Post, The Next Web, Business Insider, WGN News, FOX News, CBS News, Reuters, The Atlantic, Tech Cocktail, IntoMobile, Appolicious, as well as global coverage in the UK, Canada, and even Japan.

In the coming months Walker Sands will continue to work with SceneTap as they expand to other cities across the country. For more information, visit

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