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Salesforce1 Update: Want to run your Business from your Phone? It’s Possible.

Courtney Beasley

Connectivity via the internet has been changing our world for a few decades now, but we’re just beginning to discover the possibilities. As we learn how the internet of things connects us in new ways, we unravel a new set of challenges and technology boundaries are expanded once more. If you think the way you interact with your customer now is advanced, think again. Enter Salesforce1.


Last week, I attended the Salesforce1 World Tour in Chicago and learned how the leading enterprise cloud computing software company is taking connectivity to a whole new level.

Salesforce1 accelerates mobile app development without requiring your IT department. Now, a consumer facing app that renders on any device and in any language, or an internal platform customized for onboarding, inventory and productivity management is accessible after a few clicks. Want to sign and deliver a contract instantly at a client visit and send a copy to any connected printer in the world? Good, because you can. Communication is instant and, even more accurately, at our fingertips.

By 2020, 75 billion devices will connect us to the internet and each other and once again, Salesforce is bouncing ahead of the curve to provide innovative solutions to problems some didn’t even know they had yet.

As a marketer, these advancements are exciting as they open up a new world of customer engagement. If you’d like to learn more about Salesforce1 and how you could incorporate it into your marketing and sales programs, visit