Top Retail Trends 2015

Wondering what retail trends 2015 will bring? New technologies and changing consumer preferences mean that the retail landscape is constantly shifting, so it’s important to stay on top of the trends and tactics that are influencing the industry.

Top 3 Retail Trends 2015

At Walker Sands, we specialize in helping retail technology firms achieve top line business improvement through advanced PR and digital marketing strategies. To help you stay ahead of the game, here’s our take on some of the top retail trends 2015 will bring to the industry:

1. Social Selling

Social continues to be an extremely popular channel with consumers. Over the past few years, consumers have demonstrated an eagerness to connect with their favorite brands via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other highly trafficked social channels—and social’s retail significance hasn’t gone unnoticed by social media providers.

In 2015, expect to see more social media providers dipping their toes in social selling opportunities. Facebook and Twitter have already entered this arena by offering “sell” buttons on their sites. Others will follow their example and the most popular social media sites will make direct selling opportunities more prominent.

2. Integrated, Omni-Channel Experiences

Remember when brick-and-mortar retailers were panicked about the threat showrooming posed to their business models? But rather than abandoning in-store shopping behaviors, consumers have embraced opportunities to combine online and in-store retail elements into integrated, omnichannel customer experiences.

One of the most exciting retail trends 2015 will bring to the marketplace is a push to make these kinds of omni-channel shopping experiences more convenient and memorable. Instead of enticing consumers with tried and tired loyalty programs, leading retailers will find new ways to personalize shopping experiences through the use of strategies that make better use of mobile and other channels.

3. Emerging Technologies

Technology is often the driving force behind trends and developments in the retail industry. In 2015, retail technology providers will push the envelope yet again, providing retailers and consumers with technologies that streamline processes, enhance buying experiences and create deeper brand relationships.

This year, some of the technology trends to watch involve the expanded use of mobile wallets and more efficient checkout procedures, advanced mobile integrations (including wearable devices) and 3D printing. The migration to EMV-compliant credit cards by October 2015 is another retail tech development to watch for this year.

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