The State of Martech 2016 Webinar

The state of marketing has changed. And along with it, the buyer journey has become harder to define.

Download this webinar to hear from the study's authors and learn what we discovered when we surveyed 300+ marketers on their decision making processes.

We uncover how to:

  1. Know who you have to convince - It's no longer all about the CMO. Discover the best strategies for aligning your sales and marketing processes to address the right audiences accordingly.
  2. Find the perfect mix - Marketers at different levels respond differently to various types of marketing tactics. Learn the right mix of marketing activities when trying to reach unique decision makers.
  3. Create content that speaks to the right audience- We all know Content is King, but creating content that doesn't support the buyer journey is a waste of resources. Find out which content is most influential when it comes to making a buying decision

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