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Research Infographic: Gender Differences Impact Decisions During Tough Economy

Mike Santoro

Empathica Consumer Insights - 4 Industries Not Impacted By GenderEmpathica, a leading provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, recently surveyed more than 7,200 American consumers to determine spending habits in the last year.

The Q1 2010 Consumer Insights survey indicated that women are more frugal in a down economy with 72% of women moderately to significantly cut their spending in 2009, compared to only 62% of men.

The survey found a number of other gender related findings including the fact that women are more forgiving of a poor dining experience and that coupons were more likely to drive purchase with women than with men.

In addition to gender findings the survey revealed a number of data points on overall consumer behavior which they kindly pulled together in infographic form. Onto the data!

Out of 15 industry sectors, only four were unaffected by gender differences, noting similar levels of reduced spending at gas stations, bars, hotels and airlines.

Restaurants, specifically, were largely impacted by gender differences. During 2009, only one in 10 men indicated they never eat out at restaurants. This compared to one in five women who say they never eat out.

“When examining consumer spending during hard economic times, retailers would be smart to note that women and men not only spend differently, but have different motivations for spending,” explains Dr. Gary Edwards, EVP of Client Services with Empathica. “Retailers need to know their customers and how to best entice them with offers. For example, our survey indicates that women are most motivated to try a new restaurant if they have a coupon.”


These numbers are from the Q1 2010 Empathica Consumer Insights Panel. Results from Empathica’s Consumer Insights, led by Dr. Gary Edwards and Empathica’s Consumer Insights’ team, are published on a quarterly basis. The results are based on outbound Internet surveys with Empathica’s growing Insights Panel, derived from more than 30 million consumer surveys per year. Results have been weighted to reflect latest Census distributions in the U.S. and in Canada, including Region, Gender, Age and Income. For more information and additional findings visit

Full disclosure, Empathica is a Walker Sands client.