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Remarketing: Too Close for Comfort?

Nicole Kraft

I’ve never been a huge shopper. I don’t care for the crowdedness of malls, I get impatient trying on clothes, and in general I’m fairly conservative with my money.

But all that changed when I made my first online purchase. No crowded malls or salespeople, no small fitting rooms or itchy tags. And sales. Great, big online sales.

I know I’m late to jump on the online shopping bandwagon, but now that I’m aboard I’ve begun to grasp how powerful it is for both consumers and retailers. For shoppers it is a compelling and convenient way to make a purchase. And retailers are using it as a way to personalize the shopping experience at a more granular level. And that’s where remarketing comes in.

I recently experienced remarketing firsthand with fashion retailer ShopBop. In the market for summer sandals, I started “window shopping” on In the days following, I began seeing ShopBop ads pop up on the sides of my internet windows, showing me the exact items I had been looking at, as well as recommendations for items “similar” to those. ShopBop was connecting with me on a very personal level, calling upon my browsing history and past interactions on their site to speak with me.

This personalized attention makes a consumer feel as if he or she is being spoken to directly. And it gives the retailer a leg up on competitors, as they will likely stay top of mind with the repetitive exposure and custom messaging.

Creepy? Perhaps. I’m sure some shoppers feel unsettled knowing there is that much personal information about them on the internet. But for shoppers like me, who understand and appreciate the one-to-one efforts involved in remarketing, it’s an efficient concept. Retailers are starting to leverage remarketing in an effort to stay connected to their customers, combat the dreaded “abandoned shopping cart,” increase conversion rates and improve online sales as a whole. The Google Ad Words blog explains in further detail how this works.

I must be the premier audience for remarketing. I have a ShopBop package set to deliver this weekend (guilty!)

Have you experienced remarketing? What are your feelings on it?