Public Relations Ideas

We at Walker Sands think public relations ideas are great, but they only matter if they get public relations results. Some people’s idea of a PR strategy is simply putting out a few press releases and waiting for the media contact them. Innovative public relations ideas are about more than getting your name out there. You company has an identity, a story, and an audience. You need a PR firm with grasp of all three to get your message heard by people that matter; future clients who can convert to leads.

Some of the core public relations ideas at Walker Sands include:

  • Defining Your Company’s Messaging – This is truly the beginning and absolutely essential to getting the kind of media attention that supports your company wide goals. Many people miss this basic step, but if you are asking a journalist to tell your story, you better have a clear message to share. It is critical because the power of PR comes from raising that message’s profile.
  • Identify Your Key Audiences – Are you targeting technical people or business people? Stay at home moms or 80-hour work week career women? List each of your audiences (often there are many) and then next to them list the problem they have that your product solves. What’s the reason someone wants to buy your offering? You should list both the logical reasons and the more emotional ones.
  • Establish Your Goals – Is this just a vanity campaign, or do you have specific goals in mind? Short term goals such as raising visibility and generating leads can serve as the foundation for a long term goal like creating a new market in which you can be the leader. In order to get anywhere, you must first know your goals.
  • Identify Where Your Audience Lives – Modern media is a complex and overwhelming landscape. We help you identify what online and traditional media your audience interacts with, and move beyond into spaces such as professional gatherings, industry conventions, social media, and more to maximize your reach and influence.

Walker Sands takes public relations ideas and puts them into action by a team of experts many of whom are former journalists. Contact us today to explore an engagement.